Selected media coverage

February 2 2009 Lake of the Woods Enterprise (Kenora, ON)
Murmur project lends an ear to local history by Reg Clayton.

October 29 2008 Geelong Advertiser (Australia)
Murmurs brings to life Eastern Beach history by Julie McNamara.

October 10 2008 Pulse FM (Geelong, Austalia)
Interview with Gabe.

October 1 2008 The Sudbury Star
Project walks through history by Lara Bradley.

August 13 2008 Town Crier (Toronto)
Listening to the Murmur in the Junction, by Kris Scheuer.

August 5 2008 The Galway Voice
Murmurs on the Street, by Scott Harvey.

July 29 2008 The Sentinel (Galway, Ireland)
Mobile phones are latest tour guides.

July 17 2008 Eye Weekly (Toronto)
A chorus of [murmur]s.

July 16 2008 Town Crier (Toronto)
Murmuring in Little India by Kris Scheuer.

July 10 2008 insideToronto.com
[murmur] turns five by Justin Skinner.

September 2007 Re-Public
For an art against the cartography of everyday life by Ryan Griffis.

August 25 2007 The Toronto Star
Little India: Six blocks, many stories by Prithi Yelaja.

August 18 2007 The Globe and Mail
Getting the real story on Little India by Nadja Sayej.

May 24 2007 Phantom 105.2 Radio (Dublin)
Featured on Phantom Daily.

May 24 2007 The Irish Times
Whispers from the past by Catherine Foley. [subscription required]

May 5 2007 Newstalk 106 (Dublin)
Interview with Shawn and Gabe on Weekend Blend with Róisín Ingle.

May 4 2007 CBC Radio
Interview on Q with Shawn, by Jian Ghomeshi.

May 2 2007 CityNews
World Wide Web interview with Gabe, by Amber MacArthur.

April 14 2007 The Irish Times
Old docklands days. [subscription required]

March 28 2007 The List
Right hear, right now, by Kirstin Innes.

February 6 2007 Edinburgh Evening News
Listen up for the lowdown on some memories of Leith, by Lynne Whitelaw and Joanna Vallely.

February 1 2007 Radio Scotland
Interview with Shawn, on the BBC.

January 15 2007 Living in Toronto
Interview with Shawn.

August 11 2006 The Mercury News
ZeroOne has code to folksy spirit of city by Scott Herhold.

June 2006 Surface & Symbol
Listen to the [murmur] by Carol-Ann Ryan.

May 13 2006 The Globe and Mail
The collectors are coming for you by Paul Carlucci.

May 2 2006 The National Post
The City: The green ear wants to tell you a story by Laura Thompson.

March 25 2005 The Globe and Mail
The Big Smoke gets in your eyes by Chris Koentges.

March 15 2006 CBC Television
Story on Canada Now, by Mike Wise.

March 15 2006 CBC Radio 1
Story on Hear and Now, by Marichka Melnyk.

March 12 2006 The Toronto Star
Cult of Transit Lovers, by Leslie Scrivener.

December 12 2005 Vanity Fair
Northern Exposure by Anderson Tepper.

September 14 2005 The Globe and Mail
Toronto, in its own words, by Jennifer Lewington.

August 21 2005 AM640
Interview with Shawn Micallef, by Sarah Meehan.

August 10 2005 The Vancouver Courier
Green ears reveal Chinatown's secrets, by Cheryl Rossi.

July 19 2005 CityTV
Beyond Description on CityTV; interview by Adam Vaughan.

June 14 2005 Justin Glanville, Associated Press
The Art of Street Talk on Wired News.
'X' MARKS THE DOWNLOAD: New graffiti bridges worlds for cell user on Newsday.com. Redefining distinctions between real and virtual on USA Today.com.
New Cell Phone Graffiti Bridges Real, Virtual Worlds on InformationWeek.com.
Services expand world of the Internet on BusinessWeek.com.
Cellphone signposts a digital twilight zone on Globeandmail.com.
New graffiti bridges worlds for cell user on DetroitNews.com.
New graffiti bridges worlds for cell user on CNN.com.

May 4 2005 The New York Times
The Web Behind the Scrawl by Ethan Todras-Whitehill.

April 18 2005 The Boston Globe
The art of mobile technology by Stacey M. Perlman.

April 16 2005 The Globe and Mail
Dial-a-tour by Barrie McKenna.

February 2005 Mute Magazine
The Shape of Locative Media by Simon Pope.

February 16 2005 Toronto 1
Interview with Shawn on the program The Source, by Wei Chen.

February 6 2005 The Toronto Star
Toronto the oral by Dan Yashinsky.

December 8 2004 Wired News
Cell Phones Work as Tour Guides by Rachel Metz.

December 2004 Utne Reader
Tales of Toronto by Anna Bowness (republished from Broken Pencil).

October 21 2004 Terminal City
Chinatown's Heart Murmurs by Bruce Lord.

August 28 2004 The Toronto Star
Telling signs of our heritage by Murray Whyte.

August 19 2004 eye Weekly
Flâneur by phone by Abigail Pugh.

July 1 2004 eye Weekly
Dude, where's my history by Edward Keenan.

June 2004 The Annex Echo
The Streets are Alive with the Sound of [murmur] by Roberto Verdecchia.

February 2004 Community Arts Ontario
Community Arts in the Age of Connected Culture (cover story) by John Sobol.

December 20 2003 The Globe and Mail
Go to Kensington, call a friend by Nora Underwood.

December 2003 Spacing Magazine
The Murmur of a Community by Elizabeth Pagliacolo.

November 21 2003 Rhizome Digest
Review of projects presented at FCMM by Valerie Lamontagne.

November 2003 Surface and Symbol
Horn blowing & storytelling by Dan Yashinsky.

October 10 2003 La Presse
Des voix sur la Main by Julie Parent.

October 4 2003 CBC Radio: Definitely Not the Opera
Interview by Todd Maffin.

September 30 2003 Sceneandheard.ca
[murmur] Whispers Sweet Something In Your Ear by Sam Toman.

September 27 2003 CBC Radio-Vancouver: North by North West
Interview by Sheryl MacKay.

September 20 2003 The Toronto Star
The word on the street is Murmur by José Lourenço.

September 5 2003 cbcradio3
Calling on the past by Shahid Quadri; photos by Maris Mezulis.

August 4 2003 CBC Radio-Toronto: Metro Morning
Interview by Jean Kim.

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