Top Brunch Places in Kensington Market

Whether you’re hungover, hiding a hangover or a teetotaler who just wants to enjoy brunch, there are some seriously good spots that you can’t afford to miss in Kensington Market. Keeping in mind that everyone has a different type of brunch they like, we’ve gone and curated a variety of different flavors and vibes that’s sure to satisfy everyone in your group of hungry friends.

  1. Nu-Bugel @ 240 Augusta Ave.

nu bagel toronto

Need a carb loaded bagel to soak up last nights adventures? How about a tasty, non-cardboard flavored one that actually tastes good whether you are a bagel fan or not? Nu-Bugel has a homey feel, and some really tasty artisan, wood-fired bagels that have a variety of toppings from smoked meat to black bean hummus and avocado for the vegans out there – they have it all.

2. Dirty Bird @ 79 Kensington Ave.

dirty bird toronto

If you’ve ever been to the Southern United States, perhaps Atlanta or Florida, you know that chicken and waffles is a strange combination at first, but it’s also amazingly tasty if done correctly – and Dirty Bird definitely does it right. You get a classy, well constructed chicken and waffle plate that can satisfy without making you feel greasy or guilty for consuming this amazing combination. They have three Toronto locations, Kensington, Annex, and of course in the York University Centre. Get the Big Dirty and enjoy it, it’s my favorite!