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The Junction collection was collected in large part by a truly dedicated and talented group of volunteer story collectors and editors. Sincere thanks and kudos go out to:

Mieke Anderson
Steve Birek
Rick Byun
Chloe Ellingson
Julia Grant
Glenn McKnight
Eric Rosenberg

We look forward to working together again.

And a big "thank you" to our fab Junction map illustrator, Tania Howells, for producing a most charming navigation aid. Find them across the Junction neighbourhood, and take yourself on a story tour.

Thanks also to Michael Menegon and the rest of the Junction Arts Festival crew, The West Toronto Junction Historical Society, Cris Senjug, and all of the generous storytellers and local folk who shared their stories and their neighbourhood with us over the summer. We hope you enjoy the results, and that you'll continue to add to the collection.

Robin, Gabe and Shawn

- info@murmurtoronto.ca -