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The roles of exterior cleaning agencies in home maintenance cannot be under-estimated specially for a Toronto’s culturally rich neighborhood house.

They perform range of cleaning services from gutters, high pressure washing, window cleaning, to mention a few.

Your home can look great, beautiful, healthy and a cynosure of every eye if you patronize professional exterior cleaning services for your home cleansing.

Many people, especially home owners assume that exterior cleaning of the home is only for beautification purpose. This is a wrong assumption because it goes beyond that. From health perspective to structural problems that may arise if the house is not cleansed with a good window cleaning product such as the ones use by 123Entretien – Vitres & Gouttières you will agree that regular maintenance of the home should be given due priority.


It is very common to hear many homeowners saying that gutter washing is a tough task to handle. Due to this reason, many of them leave their homes unattended to. Instead of neglecting your home, you can seek the services of professional window washers who are experienced, knowledgeable and have the required equipment to perform the task.

You should note that leaving dirt to stay and accumulate on your windows will not only disfigure your home, it will also produce unpleasant odor which may distract your visitors.

Exterior cleaning experts are trained to handle any type of window, no matter how complex or high they may be. They will ensure that your windows retain their shining appearance. You can book an appointment with a professional window washer.

Gutter Cleaning

Every home should have clean gutters. They enhance the aesthetic outlook of a home; however, it goes beyond this. Gutters serve as an excellent drainage. They channel the entire water away from the foundation. When a gutter is obstructed with dirt and undesired particles, water that are supposed to be channeled out will have no route to do this, hence it will be directed back to the house. This will obviously result in structural damage of such house.

This is where professional gutter contractors come in. They will take care of every obstructions causing blockage in your gutters and ensure that your house is secured and safe from water hazards.

Pressure Washing

There are often times when some stains, dirt and mold are seen on strategic places in the home like fences, driveways, deck, sidewalks, etc. These are very dangerous to the home because they cause the building to depreciate and make it less durable. Efforts should be made to remove them, so that they will not constitute structural problems.

This is why every home owner should engage in preventive maintenance before unforeseen problems arise. You can contact professionals in pressure cleaning, to remove the entire spots and stains in your home exteriors. They have powerful equipment to perform this service to your satisfaction.



Most structural problems that occur in homes today arise from poor maintenance of windows, gutters and cleaning of exterior structures. As a homeowner, you can minimize these challenges if you take preventive measures to protect your home.


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